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OKC Car Wraps

Car Wraps, Window Tint, Storefront Graphics, Signs & Banners!

OKCarWraps.com offers a variety of car wraps designed to give vehicles a unique and customized look in Oklahoma. Our wraps are suited not only for brand marketing and advertising but also for letting car owners personalize their cars without having to resort to a costly paint job.

We apply car wraps to any car, and we know that not every car should be treated the same way. This is why we have design templates for different types of vehicles, including vans, trucks, buses, and trailers. Our graphic designers take into consideration the size, shape, color, and overall body type of each car when creating custom wraps for our clients. So whether you have an old sedan that needs a facelift or a whole squadron of delivery trucks, we’ve got you covered all over Oklahoma!

Buses food trucks, and box trucks are excellent for transit advertising because of their broad shape and for their 24/7 visibility all over the city. If your company does a lot of shipping to and from various states, then applying car wraps to your fleet is a smart idea, because your trucks will surely get seen throughout a wide region.

The options are endless and there are very few limitations when it comes to wrapping a car. You can be fun and quirky, or serious and professional. You can feature a product launch, or just your company’s brand. You can go for a complete color change or simply add a couple of racing stripes to your car.

We can also do partial car wraps that are a great way to add branding and personalization at a low cost. OKCarWraps can also apply wraps to non-vehicles, such as product displays, food booths, and furniture. Our specialty wraps are fully customizable and we will gladly work with you in designing the best wraps for your needs. If you have any questions give us a call today!

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